Broadway and Off-Broadway Tickets

Looking for Broadway tickets?
Read on for our suggestions.

You may be able to find discounted tickets through the following sites:

USO New York occasionally has tickets for Broadway shows. They open at 1130 and recommend you call in the afternoon.
(212) 695-6160

Times Square TKTS
Sells day-of-performance tickets only.

Location: “Under the red steps” in Father Duffy Square on Broadway and 47th St.

Matinee Performances: Wed and Sat: 10 AM—2 PM; Sunday : 11 AM – 3 PM
No evening tickets sold during these times

Evening Performances: Mon, Wed—Fri & Sat: 3pm-8pm Tues: 2pm-8pm
Sun: 3pm until ½ hour before the latest curtain time being sold

South Street Seaport TKTS
Sells tickets to evening performances on the day of the performance,
and matinee tickets the day before.

Location: NW Corner of John St. and Front St.

Hours: Mon-Sat 11 am—6 pm Sunday: 11am—4pm


All TKTS Discount Booths accept credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks or TKTS Gift
Certificates. All locations sell tickets at 50%, 40%, 30% and 20% off full-price (plus a
$4.00 per ticket service charge, which helps support other TDF services and
programs). Availability and ticket inventory change throughout the day and at the
discretion of individual productions.

The CGA MWR Program sells tickets for most Broadway shows, though pricing will be similar to that offered directly through the box office.

Call 860-444-8277 or email for more information.

Please beware of street ticket sales. Tickets may have been obtained illegally and may not be honored at theatres.
You will not recover your loss.