Coast Guard Day Band Concert

Tuesday, August 4 at 7 p.m. EDT from the Virtual Concert Hall via Livestream, your United States Coast Guard Band celebrates the 230 year legacy of the Coast Guard. This performance of previously recorded material honors the ethos of the Coast Guard with Americana at its finest. Through the Virtual Concert Hall, the Coast Guard Band remains committed to representing the men and women of our service and highlighting the talents of our excellent musicians.

The festivities open with John Williams’s “Liberty Fanfare” and “The Pathfinder of Panama” march by John Philip Sousa. Chief Musician Sean Nelson’s fresh arrangement of “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory” is heard with “Americans We” performed by the Brass Quintet and James Beckel’s “American Dream.” Dvorak’s “American” String Quartet No. 12 is delivered by the Clarinet Quartet while Louis Panella’s “American Red Cross” march gives a nod to noble public service. A tune from the Dixieland Jazz Band is followed by Gene Scheer’s stirring “American Anthem” featuring soprano soloist Musician 1st Class Megan Weikleenget and the “Chief Petty Officer March” by Thomas Labadorf honors the enlisted workforce. To commemorate this special occasion, the Band performs “Happy Birthday” and “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Happy Birthday United States Coast Guard—going strong at 230. Semper Paratus!

Concert Link: USCGA’s Coast Guard Birthday Concert on