Cookies for Cadets

Beginning Wednesday, February 3rd, the Academy MWR Department will be offering the following items for sale throughout this semester:
Fresh baked 4 oz. cookies: choice of triple chocolate chip, M&M, Reese’s PB, white chunk macadamia nut. One flavor choice for each package of 6 cookies; 2 choices for a dozen cookies (6 of each flavor)

6 $15.00

12 $25.00

JUMBO – 12″ Decorated celebration cookie – choice of chocolate chip or M&M $20.00

Decorated cupcakes – choice of vanilla or chocolate. One flavor choice for each package of 6; 2 choices for 12 (6 of each flavor)

6 cupcakes $15.00

12 cupcakes $25.00

6 whoopie pies $10.00 (individually wrapped)Two chocolate cake-like cookies with a vanilla buttercream filling

-Orders must be placed 1 week in advance of requested delivery date. Unscheduled or short notice orders will be considered on an individual basis.

-Orders will be delivered to the Chase Hall Watch Office M-F exclusive of Federal Holidays

For questions or to place an order please email or call Amanda at (860) 444-8277

May be an image of dessert