Holiday Weekend Safety Tips

Courtesy of MCPO Lloyd Pierce
Coast Guard Silver Ancient Mariner
Command Master Chief


Check out these links (the last one’s got some especially good safety lessons):

Drowsy driving information: PLEASE READ
To quote prominent sleep physician, Dr. William Dement: “Drowsiness is the last step before falling asleep, not the first”. Drowsiness means you are seconds away from falling asleep.

CT DUI law & consequences (call me if you need to know the ADDITIONAL consequences from the Coast Guard):

Excerpt of a drinking and driving documentary – pretty good and informative:

DUI consequence vid – not graphic:

Cooking fire video:

Turkey frying safety:

Christmas decoration safety – watch it to the end – we had to help a Coasty this happened to a couple years ago:

Food safety tips:

General Holiday safety lessons:

Pass this on – if you see the benefit to some shipmates who didn’t get it.”