Wellness Wednesday -USCG

In an effort to help generate conversation, model positive intrusive leadership, and create a space to express your COVID-19 challenges and successes, the Chaplain of the Coast Guard, Captain Thomas Walcott, and I invite you to join us for the kick-off of “Wellness Wednesdays” starting on 6 May, from 1500-1600 Eastern Time.   This forum is for the entire Coast Guard family, dependents, Auxiliarists, reserves, civilians, and active-duty alike.  Wellness Wednesdays will be an opportunity to join a conversation about how we are all being affected by COVID-19.  This optional forum will serve as a wellness support resource for the Coast Guard community to describe our experiences, feelings, and concerns during this pandemic response.  We are planning this as a weekly forum for the entire workforce to actively participate.  It will be hosted by different principals, from different locations, each week, guided by your input and requests. Please click on the link below, and check out the www.uscg.mil/coronavirus/  webpage, including the featured page with our best coping strategies and the email box: wellnesswednesday@uscg.mil